Greetings from Pakistan Academy of Letters

During the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday season, the Literary Network of the Belt and the Road exchanged greetings with all our partners across the world. This greeting is from Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Prof. Meritorious, Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters. We wish all LNBR members a very prosperous New Year of the Rabbit!


13th Spring Festival book exhibition brings China’s culture worldwide

By Yang Zekun | | Updated: 2023-01-29 16:55 The 13th Spring Festival Joint Exhibition of Chinese Books in Global Overseas Chinese Bookstores is being held in 85 bookstores in 27 countries and regions. With the theme of "Reading China", the exhibition is organized by China's National Press and Publication Administration and carries out book displays and cultural performances. There are 48 bookstores in Asia, 14 bookstores in Europe, 14 bookstores in America, and 7 bookstores in Oceania joining in on the exhibition. Bookstores in Tunisia and Mauritius are also participating in the exhibition, making it the first time that a joint book exhibition themed on the Spring Festival will be held in Africa. Books featured in the exhibition include award-winning Chinese novels and works on China's governance, which closely meet the needs of overseas readers. The joint exhibition has a variety of forms highlighting the interaction with participants. Activities such as exchanges among the authors, book signings and online book clubs, writing Spring Festival couplets, guessing Lantern Riddles, and...


 UNESCO Calls for Proposals for the 2022 Silk Roads Youth Research Grant

As part of the Silk Roads Programme’s ongoing work to better understand the rich history and shared legacy and spirit of the Silk Roads, UNESCO, with the support of the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, launched the "Silk Roads Youth Research Grant" in 2021 within the framework of the Social and Human Sciences Sector. The second edition has been launched on 1 March 2022. UNESCO calls on young women and men under the age of 35 to apply for the 2022 Silk Roads Youth Research Grant. Deadline for submitting proposals is 31 May 2022. The grant aims to mobilize young researchers for further study of the Silk Roads shared heritage. Twelve grants of USD10,000 will be awarded per research project. Grant applicants are invited to address areas of academic study which relate to the shared heritage and plural identities of the Silk Roads, as well as its internal diversity, and potential in contemporary societies for creativity, intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, regional and international cooperation, and ultimately sustainable peace and...


Mexican Poet Margarito Cuellar Wins Golden Magnolia at the Sixth Shanghai International Poetry Festival

“I am not a hunter of silk worms / but I have passed through sea routes and land routes that I must / I have caressed her silk / but it feels as through my fingers have touched nothing...” The words of Mexican poet Margarito Cuellar’s poem “The Gazelle and the Ancient Silk Road rang through the Blackstone M+ Music Park in Xujiahui's Hengfu Scenic District,” stretching halfway around the world to open the Sixth Shanghai International Poetry Festival.  While poets from around the world were unable to come to Shanghai due to Covid related travel restrictions, this year’s International Poetry Festival remained a platform for the celebration of poetry thanks the use of the Internet and online cloud technologies.  The theme of this year's Shanghai International Poetry Festival was “Poetry, and the Common Destiny of Mankind,” a reflection of the times in which we currently live and the hope of creating a common destiny for all mankind through the sharing of literature and its role as a mirror of...


Tai Hsiao Hua, the president of Malaysia Chinese Writers Association, delivered a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, Tai Hsiao Hua, the president of Malaysia Chinese Writers Association, delivered a congratulatory speech to LNBR. She congratulated the Chinese Writers Association’s LNBR initiative. She hoped that it can exert its powerful influence to help inherit and develop the diversity, uniqueness and commonality of civilizations in various countries, and to promote mutual learning and cultural exchange. It is helpful to promote world peace and harmony among all nations.


Denon Lim Denan, the president of Singapore Association of Writers, delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, Denon Lim Denan, the president of Singapore Association of Writers, delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR. On behalf of all directors and members of the Singapore Association of Writers and Singaporean literary friends, Denon Lim Denan wished the LNBR initiated by the Chinese Writers Association to be prosperous. He sincerely hoped that the newly established LNBR will continue to uphold the spirit of co-prosperity, win-win, and harmonious progress, and promote friendly cooperation and literary exchanges in multiple directions and at multiple levels, so as to make the world after the epidemic better and more exciting.


Eugen Uricaru, the president of Copyro Association Romania delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, Eugen Uricaru, the president of Copyro Association Romania delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR. His speech is as follows: Dear colleagues, dear friends I am pleased to send the greetings of Copyro’s members  and also  of  Copyro’s Management, and a successful wish for this first meeting of great importance and for the future work, hoping for a long cooperation, with excellent results, between the writers and the participating organizations. We believe that the initiative of the Chinese Writers  Association is one of those acts full of generosity and courage that ensures a better knowledge of the culture of our peoples and a future of this mutual knowledge. It is an essential element in the process of building the future world in which values are appreciated and respected, supported and disseminated to the general public. Humanity can only move forward if it will  know how to embrace all cultural values,  of all peoples. Economic ties cannot be established or developed if nations do not know each other through cultural exchanges....