Aleksei Rodionov, a Russian sinologist and literary translator, gave a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, Aleksei Rodionov, a Russian sinologist and literary translator, gave a congratulatory speech to LNBR Mr Rodionov said, "At present, the BRI partners are in the need of promoting mutual understanding and consolidate trust through cultural exchanges apart from enhancing economic cooperation. In this aspect, literature plays an irreplaceable positive role. In recent years, the literature translation among BRI partners has been obviously increased, yet literature promotion still requires our constant collaborative efforts." He wishs LNBR bring benefit to the people all over the world, nourishing the amity and friendship.


Aleksei Rodionov



Gala Uzryutova

Gala Uzryutova is a Russian poet, writer and playwright. She also works as the program coordinator of Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature. Her works include: 《Turned around, and there was a forest》, poetry book (Russian Gulliver Publishing house, Moscow, - 2015); 《The snow I missed》, short prose book (Bookscriptor, Moscow, - 2018); 《Sasha Country》, Young Adult book (KompasGuide Publishing house, Moscow – 2019). 《All the names are occupied, and one is vacant》, poetry chapbook in English, translated by Canadian poet Stuart Ross and the author, Proper Tales Press, Cobourg Literary Awards: • Winner of the Moscow Modern Art Museum "Garage" contest on self-isolation texts and visual materials (2020)• Laureate of the Russian-Italian literary prose award "Rainbow" (Verona, Italy, 2019)• Scholar of the Goethe-Institut "Culture on the Move" Programme (2019)• Laureate of the European Theater Translation Network drama contest Eurodram (2018)• Laureate of the Prose literary award Bookscriptor 2018• Diplomat of the literary award named after Dmitry Gorchev (2017)• Laureate of the International drama contest «Badenweiler 2016»• Laureate of the Blagov...