(China) Tian Lingyun: Bright Sorrow

(China) Tian Lingyun: Bright Sorrow

About the author:Tian Lingyun, a young Chinese poet, won the honor of "poet of the year" at the fourth thatched cottage poetry award. Face the storm alone, as humanity must do as I must do It’s inevitable. The rain will not stop Sooner or later you’ll be there cold and serene as the inevitable Mostly in life I have to face one face alone it is my own, between all the todays all the tomorrows, between calm and calmer – it’s sorrow it’s bright sorrow on the cliff So I am still alone by the imaginary candlelight, in the darkness of this corner I write this lonely poem not knowing its home 来源:中国诗歌网 编辑:王立倩

Selected Contemporary Chinese Poems

Selected Contemporary Chinese Poems

China has a long history of poetry writing and both traditional and modern poetry enjoy wide popularity for people all ages. Poetry can reflect Chinese people’s feelings about the world in a very precise and tangible way. Since 2019, the top Chinese poetry journal POETRY collaborated with Pathsharers Books from Washington D.C. to produce a Chinese-English bilingual online website named 21st Chinese Poetry, which presents the latest and widest Chinese poetry writing in English. Now all these poems are all available for free online and will be published in books in the future. CLRC Express selected a few of these poets, whose dwellings range from cities to the countryside and from bustling eastern towns to vast west deserts, who write, or ponder, or sing, or chant about the relations between history, future, humanity and nature from the deepest of their hearts. For further reading please visit: Keyword: contemporary Chinese poetry, Pathsharer Books, 诗刊社,汉诗英译 Authors: Li Shaojun, Chilechuan, Ah Xin, Bai Ma, Chen Yundong Translators: Meifu Wang, Michael Soper, Peter...


“Belt and Road” literary works: Poetry and literary criticism from Armenian poet Sona Van

Poetry: I AM THE ETERNAL SPIDER I am the eternal eight-legged spider my web stretches between the window and television screen ad infinitum between the hollow time of real and virtual deaths I can see everything from my center— a bud appeared on a branch a pop singer sang a familiar song on TV a woman gave birth to a son again a soldier exploded before the bud could fully open you first see the light then you hear the sound (the laws of nature never change unlike the laws of conscience) the light the sound the dust the shoes a mother screams and falls down the soil is an underground museum here is a soldier four centuries after death and here—only four hours after everything repeats identically . . . which means something must be wrong I am the eternal mourner in my four black veils my grandfather was killed by a Turk my father was killed by a German my son was killed by an Azeri and yesterday...


“Belt and Road” literary works: Poetry and Interview of the Israeli poet Tal Nitzán

Photographed by Bar Gordon Tal Nitzán is an Israeli award winning poet, novelist and a major translator of Hispanic literature. Recipient of a dozen literary prizes, among them the Women Writers’ Prize, the Culture Minister's Prizes for Beginning Poets and for Debut Book, the Hebrew University and Bar-Ilan University prizes for poetry, and the Prime Minister's Prize for writers, Nitzán has published seven poetry collections, two novels, a short stories collection and six children books, and edited three poetry anthologies. Her poems are widely translated and anthologized, and thirteen selections of her poetry were published in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Latvian. An ardent peace activist, Nitzán has edited the anthology ‘With an Iron pen’, Hebrew protest poetry against the Israeli occupation (subsequently published in English and French). Nitzán has translated to Hebrew circa 80 works of poetry and prose, mainly from Spanish, by authors such as Cervantes, Shakespeare, Neruda, García Lorca, Paz, García Márquez, Cortázar, Vargas Llosa, Bolaño, Toni Morrison, Edith Wharton, Ian McEwan, Aleksandar Hemon, Angela Carter. For her translations she won the Culture Minister Prize for translators (twice), the...


“Belt and Road” literary book recommendation: Moroccan novel La vie sans moi

The member of LNBR, the Morocco writer, Ms. AÏcha Bassry recommend a novel published in Arabic in 2018 by the publishing house (Al Dar Al Masriah Aloubnania) in Cairo (Egypt). The novel under the title La vie sans moi takes place between the People's Republic of China, Vietnam and Morocco. It is useful to translate this novel Especially since this novel is at the heart of the subject of the Belt and the Road and the mutual understanding of humans. The novel is based on historical events in the People's Republic of China and the protagonist of the novel is a Chinese woman. The novel tells about the events of Chinese society from an Arab point of view. This novel La vie sans moi won a very important award, which is the award for the best Arabic novel for the year 2018 at the Sharjah International Book Fair, United Arab Emirates. Here is a summary of the novel La vie sans moi: La vie sans moi is the story of...