Tunisian Writers Union

The Tunisian Writers Union is an independent, non-governmental organization founded 50 years ago. It currently includes 1206 members of writers, each of whom has issued at least two books approved by a special committee for admission to membership within the governing body. The organization has 24 branches in all states of the Republic. At its headquarters, the organization has active literary and intellectual clubs and issues two magazines: the “Al- massar” which is a literary magazine, published every two months, and the “Hiwarat fikriya” which is an intellectual magazine published every 3 months. The organization has also two publishing and distribution houses. Our office is in the city center of the capital, Tunis, as well as a commercial leisure club. The Tunisian Writers Union is both a member of the General Union of Arab Writers, and the African and Asian Writers Union. It is also a founding member of the Arab Maghreb Writers Union, and has been at its head for three years. Person in Charge: Slaheddine Elhamadi Official Website:...