Denon Lim Denan, the president of Singapore Association of Writers, delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, Denon Lim Denan, the president of Singapore Association of Writers, delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR. On behalf of all directors and members of the Singapore Association of Writers and Singaporean literary friends, Denon Lim Denan wished the LNBR initiated by the Chinese Writers Association to be prosperous. He sincerely hoped that the newly established LNBR will continue to uphold the spirit of co-prosperity, win-win, and harmonious progress, and promote friendly cooperation and literary exchanges in multiple directions and at multiple levels, so as to make the world after the epidemic better and more exciting.


You Jin, a Singaporean writer delivered a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, You Jin, a Singaporean write delivered a congratulatory speech to LNBR. She said, "The birth of  Literary Network of the Belt and Road is a piece of incredible news for literary circles. Like concentric circles, it connects everyone engages in literary creation and activities relevant to build a spiritual paradise.  As a symbol of unity and power, it is a glorious bridge of literature across the borders."


You Jin

You Jin, a Singaporean writer. She has been writing for many years. Her works contain essays, novels and travel notes. She has published 203 works in China, Singapore and other places. You Jin took part in literary activities: Part of You Jin's works:


Singapore Association of Writers

The Singapore Association of Writers (SAW) was officially formed on 1 August 1970. It is the longest existing as well as the largest registered Chinese literary association in Singapore, actively promotes creative literature works and research in literature theory, so as to enhance the literary standard of Singapore. It serves as an established network for the writers in Singapore and to provide a platform for unity in accelerating the development of new talents with quality literary works. The Association is consistently interacting with writers, scholars and researchers from other countries, to promote the homegrown literary products (fiction, poetry and prose) with the Southeast Asia characteristic and gained recognition internationally. Person in Charge: Denon Lim Denan Official Website: Post Address: 13-B, Smith Street, Singapore 058927