Greetings from Pakistan Academy of Letters

During the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday season, the Literary Network of the Belt and the Road exchanged greetings with all our partners across the world. This greeting is from Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Prof. Meritorious, Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters. We wish all LNBR members a very prosperous New Year of the Rabbit!


Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL)

Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) is a premier statutory organization of the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into being in July 1976 as an autonomous organization, working for the promotion of Pakistani literature, literary activities and the welfare of writers’ community. In order to achieve its goal Pakistan Academy of Letters executes a wide range of literary activities throughout the calendar year i.e. such as publication of books, journals, magazines and holding/organizing of National and International conferences on various themes related to Language & Literature and coordination/liaison with international literary organizations/counterparts to provide a forum to writers, poets, scholars, students of literature and researchers to exchange their views and new research in the field. Person in Charge: Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Meritorious Prof. Official Website: Post Address: Sector H-8/1 Pitras Bukhari Road, Islamabad, Pakistan.