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Ganga Prasad Uprety

Ganga Prasad Uprety is a Nepaali Academician and the chancellor of Nepal Academy. His works include: Visit to America (Travelogue, 2020) Images Waved in the Memory (Memoir, 2020) Italy in the wave of Memory (Travelogue, 1988) Different steps of literary vision (Criticism, 1990) Face Cover of Name (Essay, 2008) Language and Culture (Research Articles, 2009) Country and beyond the country (Travelogue, 2012) Colourful Flowers blossomed in Memory (Memoir, 2014) Criticism miscellaneous (Criticism, 2015) Circular Array of Soldier (Poems, 2017) Literary Awards: Shiksha Padak (2053 B.S.) Dirgha Shikshasewa Padak (2059 B.S.) Suprabal Jana Sewa Shree Part of his works: