Ganga Prasad Uprety, the chancellor of Nepal Academy, delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR

Recently, Ganga Prasad Uprety, the chancellor of Nepal Academy, delievered a congratulatory speech to LNBR. He said, on the capacity of the Chancellor of Nepal Academy, an apex academic institution of Nepal — the country of the origin of eastern philosophy, birthplace of Lord Buddha, and the Mt. Everest, he felt honoured to congratulate and welcome to you all in this historic inauguration of LNBR. He believed that the establishment of LNBR on mutual consent and understanding of Academic institution of BR family is an historic event. LNBR will be an effective platform to share our experiences and work together on related areas. He also said, "In this competitive world, I think, we can reach nowhere walking alone; cooperative efforts with mutual understanding will provide us adequate space to march forward. LNBR will be such appropriate platform to keep us nearer."


Ganga Prasad Uprety

Ganga Prasad Uprety is a Nepaali Academician and the chancellor of Nepal Academy. His works include: Visit to America (Travelogue, 2020) Images Waved in the Memory (Memoir, 2020) Italy in the wave of Memory (Travelogue, 1988) Different steps of literary vision (Criticism, 1990) Face Cover of Name (Essay, 2008) Language and Culture (Research Articles, 2009) Country and beyond the country (Travelogue, 2012) Colourful Flowers blossomed in Memory (Memoir, 2014) Criticism miscellaneous (Criticism, 2015) Circular Array of Soldier (Poems, 2017) Literary Awards: Shiksha Padak (2053 B.S.) Dirgha Shikshasewa Padak (2059 B.S.) Suprabal Jana Sewa Shree Part of his works:


Nepal Academy

Nepal Academy is a premier national institution devoted to the promotion of languages, literature, culture, philosophy and social sciences of Nepal, research and creative writing and the overall development of cultural and intellectual fields by bringing together and coordinating national and international activities. This Academy was established in 1957(2014 B.S.) in the name of Nepal Academy of Literature and Art. It was named as Royal Nepal Academy after the promulgation Royal Nepal Academy Act 1974. After transformation of Nepal into Democratic Federal Republic, it was named as Nepal Academy as per the provision of Nepal Academy Act 2007 enacted by the Nepalese parliament. Person in Charge: Ganga Prasad Uprety Official Website: Post Address: Nepal Academy, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Post Box No. 23058, G.P.O. Kathmandu