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Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association

Since its establishment, Japan-China Cultural Exchange Associationhas focused on mutual exchanges between cultural delegations such as the writer delegation, and has also carried out activities such as literary lectures, stage performances, film screenings, concerts, cultural relics, art, calligraphy exhibitions, and academic seminars. These activities have been highly praised and won the Asahi Award (Awarding Unit in 1973: Asahi Shimbun), International Exchange Award Award (Awarding Unit in 1985: International Exchange Foundation), Cultural Exchange Contribution Award (Awarding Unit in 2007: People of China The Ministry of Culture of the Republic), China-Japan Friendship Contribution Award (2010 awarding unit: Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China-Japan Friendship Association) and other awards. Person in Charge:Kuroi Senji Official Website:http://www.nicchubunka1956.jp/ Post Address:100-0005 日本 东京都千代田区丸之内3-4-1 新国际大楼936区 Photos of literary activities: