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Vivian Lavín

Vivian Lavín is a Chilean Writer and Literary Agent. She writes interviews and botanical chronicles. Her works include: Vuelan las Plumas I (Pens in flight I): Conversations with writers and artists in Santiago, 2008 Vuelan las Plumas II (Pens in Flight II): Conversations about Culture, 2012 Vuelan las Plumas III (Pens in Flight III): Selected conversations about Culture and Science, 2013 Women behind Pinochet bars, 2015 Natural Journey. A place where Science and Arts meet, 2021 Literary Awards Chilean Writers Association Prize, 2005 Chilean Book Chamber Prize, 2009 Science Faculty, University of Chile Prize, 2010 Chilean Journalistic Excellence Prize, 2009 N’Aitun Prize, 2015 Chilean Academy of Language Prize, 2017 Vivian Lavín in Literary Activities Part of her works